About Us


The aim of Vigil Mind is to show you where real peace and happiness dwells and how to live your life from this blessed place.

To clearly show you what is stopping you from experiencing and feeling these states consistently. Once you begin to live your life in this new way, your worries, stress, anxieties and the likes start to melt away instantly.

What’s Behind The Name?

Vigil means: awake, alert, watchfulness.
A period of staying awake during a time usually spent asleep.
This last definition is key!

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Tony is highly skilled and intuitive! He delivers instant results! I met him on a day when meetings and travel were scheduled back to back. He produced rapid, mind blowing results. I felt better, was more focused and productive during the day. And it lasts; I keep doing his exercises until today. They work! I keep coming back to him until today! His advice is invaluable. I am truly grateful and couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Investment banker, Frankfurt

Tony has taught me to control my mind, which leads to peace within. Making the right decisions in any situation and not my mind controlling me with unwanted thoughts, which would never ever stop tormenting me. Tony’s philosophy is the lost key that opened the door to harmony, keeping me focused on my everyday life at all times.

Web developer, London

When I met Tony I was a mess. I was living in a mental hell, struggling to deal with everyday situations. When Tony started to explain to me how the mind works, I realised what a wonderful thing I was missing, which is inner peace. Now I see things differently, much better than before and I thank Tony for this.

Mother of two, Essex