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The King of Spin

 I chose 'the king of spin,' for the title of this article, but I could have chosen: the ego; the player hater, the tormentor, your greatest enemy,  the devil, the lower self, etc.  To this very day, I'm still amazed by the things my mind would like to worry and stress over, moans about and [...]

When should we practice?

My aim, in the beginning, was to be vigil all the time. Whenever I was trapped in the world of aimless thinking; especially the negative type: worrying, stressful thoughts, moaning, etc., it meant I was unconsciousness! I saw it as my duty to be vigil; I would go as far as to say that nothing [...]

Vigil Moments

As soon as you start practicing being vigil; the magic begins!  February 2009, I was driving along Birdcage Walk, with St James's Park on my right, I could see that the daffodils and bluebells were starting to appear, it looked spectacular. I decided to park my car and go for a walk in the park. [...]

What’s behind the name?

As we know the word vigil means: awake, alert, watchfulness, etc. But also; a period of staying awake during a time usually spent asleep. This last definition was the main reason I chose the word vigil; it was perfect, because, as it has been written about for thousands of years we as humans are not [...]

Meet Tony

At the age of seven, my favourite TV programme was Monkey. All my friends at school loved it also. Monkey had magic powers; he could transform himself into anything, be it a fly, elephant or another person. Monkey had a cloud that he could fly on and of course the magical staff. But there was [...]

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