At the age of seven, my favourite TV programme was Monkey. All my friends at school loved it also. Monkey had magic powers; he could transform himself into anything, be it a fly, elephant or another person. Monkey had a cloud that he could fly on and of course the magical staff. But there was another part of this TV programme that was intriguing to me; throughout the episode, the narrator would speak words of wisdom, often quotes from Buddha. It was quite strange, it was if the words were part of me or I had heard them before, they resonated powerfully with me. Even at the tender age of seven, something was telling me this is the type person I would grow to be. As a noble and wise teacher once said: “You will be, who you be!”
It was 1991, and I remember my mother handing me an envelope; inside was my introduction to Amway, the beauty and homecare products company. Even although I didn’t stay too long in the business or draw many circles! They introduced me to some incredible mind-changing books, The Magic of Thinking big, Feel the fear and do it anyway, etc. , also to always have a positive attitude to life and my present situation. Up until then, living in a world that, to me, seemed to have a very negative outlook on life. Whether you watched the news or a soap opera, it was for the main part negative. These books were like food for my mind and soul. From that moment onwards, I was on a quest for knowledge.
In the year 2000, I started a simple, but incredibly effective meditation practice; CSM, that I still use to this very day created by,
Dr. Patricia Carrington Ph.D., along with some other disciplines, I will talk about in future posts. By the summer of 2008, after reading many books on the workings of the mind, The power of now by Eckhart Tolle, The Mind by Dr. Malachi Z. York, The Kybalion by THREE INITIATES, to name but a few and having carried out personal experiments. I was now experiencing and enjoying the profound effects; these teachings were having on my life, well-being, and state of mind. It became very apparent to me that the most important thing in my life at that moment was to have a Vigil Mind and take control of my thinking! I realized the only times that I was sad, worried, stressed, anxious, etc., was when I was thinking! I will elaborate more on this in the post, behind the name, Vigil Mind.
It was September 29th, 2008; I remember it clearly. I left my home around midday with the intention of being vigil! I focused my attention on my physical senses and the immediate surroundings, not allowing my thoughts to wander. I wanted to be completely aware of myself and not fall asleep into the world of pointless, aimless thinking. I was amazed by what I saw and felt. One of the first things/beings that caught my attention were the trees. Because it was autumn, the leaves were changing colour. So beautiful, the reds, ambers, and greens, even the shapes of the leaves looked amazing. I noticed how breathtakingly beautiful the sky was, the incredible shapes the clouds were making, it was like looking into another world. I remember driving down the Heathrow airport spur road, to my left what I always thought were bushes, were apple trees, amazing! Even though I had been driving along this road, almost every day for the last eight years, I had never seen them before. It reminded me of one of the scenes, in one of my favourite films, The Matrix. Neo had just been unplugged when he woke up; he asked: ” why do my eyes hurt?” Morpheus replied, “because you have never used them before” Interestingly enough, Morpheus is the ancient Roman God of dreams! I will elaborate on those points more, in the post behind the name, Vigil Mind. While I was observing these visually beautiful things, I felt very peaceful and alive. In fact, connected to them, I could feel their energy, especially the trees. It was the same feeling I would have during one of those transcendental meditations, when I would experience total inner silence, be at ease, without a care in the world, it felt as if God was cuddling me! I now know this is how you feel when you stop thinking and become extremely vigil of the present moment.
The beginning…