I chose ‘the king of spin,’ for the title of this article, but I could have chosen: the ego; the player hater, the tormentor, your greatest enemy,  the devil, the lower self, etc.
 To this very day, I’m still amazed by the things my mind would like to worry and stress over, moans about and suggests! Even after all these years of practicing being vigil, the mind still talks absolute nonsense!! The difference now is that I have developed my Peace Muscle, (look out for the upcoming post).
 Even though I decided back in 2008 that I would not create any more pain for myself,( I learned this from Eckhart Tolle) meaning; I would not think about things that caused me pain, especially if there was nothing I could do at that precise moment that could make a difference. But the player hater will not give in!!!! (leave me alone!)  As my good friend Patrick, aka tall man, aka Angel don’t lust, coined the term “it’s a constant  battle!”
 For example, the moment I get behind the steering wheel of my car, the king of spin is in his element; it does not take much to get him started! It hates people pulling out/changing lanes in front of me. It gets angry if someone is driving too fast behind me or too slowly in front of me. If we are at the traffic lights and the person in front takes an extra nanosecond to pull away, it wants me to flash my lights or blow the horn. At a zebra crossing if the person crossing the road walks too slowly or does not say thank you it starts to cuss them. Thank goodness most of the time I’m vigil enough not to react to this lunatics suggestions! But sometimes if my consciousness is sleeping I  become the lunatic for a few seconds. But even then, because of the practice of being vigil, I quickly awaken out of my madness.
 Everything the king of spin complains about, it could have been guilty of a minute before or moments after, but of course, this is acceptable.
 I remember reading an article about ten years ago and the contents of which I’ve been practicing ever since. Whenever I’m upset with someone for whatever reason, I tell myself, I am, only vex because it is something I’ve been guilty of in the past or still do. When I stop and think about it most of the time, this is correct. This has two effects on me; first, it stops me complaining, and secondly, I now have the chance to change this behavior.
 To the king of spin, this is like a kick in the nether regions! Yeeaaahhhh