As we know the word vigil means: awake, alert, watchfulness, etc. But also; a period of staying awake during a time usually spent asleep. This last definition was the main reason I chose the word vigil; it was perfect, because, as it has been written about for thousands of years we as humans are not completely awake, we live in a world dominated by our thoughts; we are always thinking. Thus we are never fully conscious of our immediate surroundings. Be it while we are walking along the streets; driving our cars, eating, even when we go to bed, to supposedly go to sleep; this can be the time when the thinking goes into overdrive. We do all of the above with our consciousness completely asleep.
I remember the night before my driving test at the age of nineteen, and I was thinking about the test the following morning so much, that I did not get even a minutes sleep that night. I now know, having made the decision to have a vigil mind, and having now experienced the benefits of starting to awaken my consciousness, that the old way of always thinking, had to be checked! Because I was not vigil, I was not living/experiencing life the way I could. It so happens that when I went on vacation, for the most part, I seemed to leave my worries and problems at home, I felt lighter, I’d use my senses a lot more, I became vigil.I noticed the sunsets, the flowers, I could hear the sound of the ocean. I felt a lot more relaxed. As soon as I would start to make the journey home, the old thought processes start, and the weight of my thinking world with all its problems would pile on top of me.
In September 2016 while on holiday in Cuba, I mentioned to my friends that I feel just as peaceful at work as I do now on vacation! It has taken some time for me to get to this stage, but it has been well worth the effort.
The very first thing I wrote in my diary when I started to practice being vigil was: “it’s like being on holiday!” Because when you practice being vigil, you forget your worries and problems, you’re awake, alive and connected to your immediate surroundings. You realise the problems are mainly self-created in your mind! I started to see, feel and experience the natural world around me; that was always there, I just hadn’t noticed it before. I mentioned in the previous post regarding the film The Matrix. Neo had just been unplugged when he woke up; he asked: ” why do my eyes hurt?” Morpheus replied, “because you have never used them before” Interestingly enough, Morpheus is the ancient Roman God of dreams! And he was the one waking them out of their dream state and into the real world.